Before this spring, I had been eating the Whoo!Fulls semi-regularly for more than a year. They were a savory, pleasantly filling addition to my diet. I fit them in as both breakfast and lunch options and was very satisfied.

Then this May I took a blood sugar challenge involving the Whoo!Fulls and found out just how little glycemic impact they have. The routine was to take my blood sugar when I woke up, eat a Slammin’ Sammie (2 Whoo!Fulls & 2tbl Buttahh!) and retake my blood sugar about 1 ½ to 2 hours later. On three of the 21 days of this routine, my blood sugar was unchanged. Two days my blood sugar actually dropped, once by eight points. The typical impact was a rise of 8-to-10 points.

I don’t have blood sugar or weight issues. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend the Whoo!Fulls to anyone who does, however.