267 Pounds                                                                          187 Pounds  


I was introduced to Whoo! & Stoopid Good Food through Nan Sprouse  at Seasons of Farragut. I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes.  I decided to take a 30-day exercise class because I was afraid that if I didn’t change it would shorten my life. But I had no idea where to start. When I walked in the door the very first day and saw Charlene I knew she had something I wanted. I was so nervous at the first class, I giggled through the entire thing. I completed the 30 days and continued that same regime for quite some time after it was complete.
I quickly became bored with that routine and called Charlene to help. She put me on a new regime and I began journaling about food (and everything that goes with it: moods, cravings, what I ate, etc). I started working directly with Charlene in a group setting 2-3 days p/week.
I made my own waffles until Stoopid Good Food started providing pre-made waffles. I eat 2 packs a day as meal replacements. The waffles make me feel satisfied when I eat them. I have a very busy lifestyle and I’m in the car a lot during the day going from one appointment to another. The waffles are not only delicious but it gives me a great quick meal replacement so that I don’t have to resort to fast food.
For the first 30 days I went on the Stoopid good Food Plan and lost 26 pounds!
Over the next year I watched what I ate and worked twice a week.
My life has completely transformed. I no longer have any of the lifestyle diseases that I had and I no longer need medications for them.  I’ve lost 90 pounds over 18 months and I have maintained most of that over the past 4 years with energy increase, no sugar cravings, a better mental and physical balance, and I sleep better.  When I wake in the morning I’m refreshed and ready to go. People say to me all the time: “You’re so high energy!” And I love that.