Just wanted to say 'Thank You' for creating these amazing Whoo!Fulls! Today I had a three workout training day back-to-back-to-back and am usually nervous about how I get all my nutrition in without compromising my workouts. I was able to not only reach my potential at each high intensity interval workout prepared for me, but also was able to PR each different set throughout the day! I know hard work pays off but nutrition plays a vital role in partnering in my success and I know your Stoopid Good Food Whoo!Fulls have done just that. You're Whoo!Fulls are so easy on the stomach, yet leaves your body feeling fueled and satisfied for the next workout to come. The packaging allows easy transition between workouts so I can place a couple in my gym bag to eat right before and after each workout! So THANK YOU and keep making that Stoopid Good food of yours! Check out my personal review on my blog at elysegallegos.wordpress.com



Elyse Gallegos