When I first met Charlene, I was skeptical.  My wife had already started working with her and was telling me how much work needed to go into our food preparation and I said, ‘We don't have time for that, we barely have time to be parents.’ I also realized I was 20 lbs less and 20 years younger than how much my father weighed when he had a massive heart attack and died so that helped me realize I needed to make a change in my lifestyle or my kids were going to grow up without their father.  I started a little at a time, first I cut out soda, then I tried some of the waffles, and some of the cooking methods Charlene recommended, and I realized "I can do this". I can make a change for good for the health of my family. Charlene's walked alongside my wife and I in making those changes and people around us have noticed and have started to ask what we've done to make those changes.

I firmly recommend Charlene as a Coach, a trainer and a producer of quality foods because she wants what's best for everyone.  

If the picture above doesn't speak volumes, may be a time line will

My weight in the picture on left in August 2014: 260 lbs
My weight in February 2016: 290 lbs
My weight on March 11, 2016 (the day I met and spoke with Charlene for the first time): 296.6 lbs
My weight September 2016 (when this picture was taken): 235 lbs
My weight today on October 21st, as I write this: 224.5 lbs

Some may say this is unnatural or unhealthy weight loss, I will tell you I eat less than most, but I have gained muscle mass in the process over the last 7 months and I am eating better than I ever have.