I was introduced to Whoo! and the delicious Whoo!Fulls by Seasons Wellness. I have gastroparesis  and was having trouble digesting my food. I had to eat simple starches which was all I could digest. I was gaining weight but getting no nutrition. I had no energy. Nan, at Seasons, discovered I was gluten intolerant through testing, so my old diet of simple starches had to go!

Whoo! met with me and put me on The Stoopid Good Food Plan that contained her Gluten-free waffles. I could digest them!! They are full of protein which I desperately needed! Whoo! showed me different ways to use the Whoo!Fulls-putting the delicious Almond Walnut Buttahh! on them, making Pizzahh! with the flatbreads, and my favorite-Savory Whoo!Full grilled cheese sandwiches!

My health began improving and I even lost 10-15 lbs! I continue to eat the waffles daily and feel good about eating them because they are partially organic, nutritious, and portable. My body cannot digest processed food so the Whoo!Fulls and Buttahh! literally have been a life saver! The other benefit was in the energy that started coming back. I can keep up with my 2 grandchildren and I’m even back to exercising!

Jan Cunningham