I have been eating Stoopid Good Food Gingerbread Whoo!Fulls and Pizzahh! that my dear friend and chef Whoo! has created with pea protein for over 3 years! Once I realized the energy and health benefits I felt from it, I quickly added them into my daily food regime.
Sometime in 2012, my husband Harry starting having health issues. First, shingles attacked him, followed by a rare bacteria that survived on his prosthetic parts which resulted in his heart going into atrial fibrillation. After 9 weeks in the hospital, he began eating Stoopid Good Food with me.
In June of 2013, a heart ablation was required. Doctor's were hesitant because of the bacteria still suspected on his aortic metal valve. We were told he also needed a mitral valve replacement and a pacemaker. After several weeks of eating Stoopid Good Food and several tests, doctor's could find no trace of the bacteria, and a successful ablation ensued.
Six months later, the doctor's said there was no need for the pacemaker or mitral valve replacement. He was not in imminent danger any longer.  
Harry has been eating various Stoopid Good Food products for one year. To date, doctor's can't find the rare bacteria that infiltrated his body in 2012. His heart issues are clearing up; he's lost 17 lbs and has increased energy.  Because of the noticeable health changes, we use the Whoo!Fulls and/or Pizzahh! after every gym workout because we noticed a restoration to energy, decreased muscle fatigue and less hunger pangs.
We believe that Stoopid Good Food is a life changer, miraculously curing people of long term illnesses, allergies and weight issues. We have been restored in many ways and will continue to eat Stoopid Good Food on a daily basis. We recommend that others add it to their daily life, as we can only attribute this to the healing grace of God and the pea protein waffles!