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No peanut, Never a peanut, Notta a peanut Buttahh!
There's Nuttin' Bettahh! than Buttahh!

The unprecedented ingredients and high protein and fiber nutritional profile will leave you astonished as the clean smooth flavor will have you struggling to contain yourself from devouring the entire container! But not to worry, with a great shelf life and portability, you won't have to leave home without it...
....nor will you want to! 

Way Beyond A Waffle!
 High Protein, High Fiber, Low Net Carb 100% Stoopid Good!
 (Trust us, you will feel like you are eating dessert!)

Whoo!Fulls, what the heck is a Whoo!Full you ask? Whoo! Waffowl created these to be just sweet enough to get you addicted and filling enough with high doses of both protein and fiber that they will fill you up and satisfy even the worst sweet tooth.  Whoo!'s  signature culinary meets nutritional wonder, yields a minimum of 27g of protein and 11g of fiber per serving. You will feel as if you are eating high carb sugar laden waffles , but as you will see by the nutrition facts, his delicious Whoo!Fulls will have you energized and fueled up without spiking your blood sugar, rather feeling satisfied and full for hours! With the endless flavors to chose from both sweet and savory, your only worry will be how to pick which flavor to try first!
Ordering  Minimum: 6 packs (12 Whoo!Fulls) per flavor