Okay, let's start with: I love bread! No really love, like I'd rather have good soft buttered bread than chocolate! Shocking for a woman, I know.
Now let me say that my love of bread is deep rooted in my religious practices, my daily food habits as well as my health problems.
When I was young I was skinny although I ate "like a horse". After children and menopause, I now struggle to keep the weight off. Sadly I've given up on that battle and had all but given up all together. I was deeply depressed in spite of all the wonderful things in my life I had to be grateful for. I had tried and failed and I literally had given up. I relegated my life to sitting an doing very little. My mental attitude and my enthusiasm for any of the things I usually enjoyed was, well, "in the toilet" and I just didn't care.
Over time I even quit caring about my health, ignoring glaring issues such as impending symptoms of diabetes, kidney problems, and the knowing that my depression could be food related. I just didn't care.
I've tasted every "health bar", protein shake, and diet food out there. So I expected the Whoo!Fulls to be just another cardboard, no-taste meal replacement gimmick. I couldn't have been more wrong. From the first bite I was shocked at how delicious they were! Then I found out the nutritional values of the Whoo!Fulls Wow!
I've been eating the waffles for 16 days. I use them as a meal replacement and I eat two packs a day! In only 16 days, my energy has improved, my mind is clearer and most of my depression is gone! And that's been in only 16 days! I've just started exercising a few days ago. I've lost 11 pounds in those 16 days and that's been without exercise (and yes, I've slipped some). But the weight is actually an extra. Yes, really. I have my mind back, my emotional roller coaster is clearly docked in the station - basically, I'm smiling again.
The waffles are wonderful for me because like I said earlier, I love bread and I feel like I'm cheating every time I eat a pack. I didn't like protein shakes because on some level I want something I can chew, sink my teeth into and indulge myself a little. With flavors like Banana Choco Chip, Spinach Garlic, Pumpkin Spice and even Pizzahh! Really? Pizzahh?
So here's the bottom line: I'm planning a vacation. And although I know I won't behave all the time - I'm taking waffles with me. Why? Because I like them. Because they're delicious. Because they're good for me. Because they've brought "me" back to my family - and I don't want to leave them (my family) again. I want to dance at my grand-daughter's wedding and Whoo!Fulls are helping me get there. One Whoo!Fulls at a time.
Thanks Stopped Good Food for making me smart about my health again!
Raeus Jae Cannon